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Young women at Revere Studios in Boston

A tattered mounted photograph of two young women taken at Revere Studios in Boston. It was found in the attic of 56 Bowman Street in Westborough and brought to the 2017 scanning day by Marybeth McGrath.

Young Patron Delivering Remarks at the Library 70th Anniversary Celebration

Westborough Public LIbrary 70th birthday: Ginny Welsh, Judi Masters, Meredith Root, Charlotte Spinney.

Ye Waitresses at Ye Merrie-M

Marian G., Peggy Cosgrove, Susie Beardslee., Betty M., and Miriam Phillis Ashley standing in front of the sign for the Merrie-M Restaurant.

Ye Head-Girls

Loarraine W. and Ethel De A. standing in front of the Merrie-M Restaurant.

Windsor Ridge Apartments

Windsor Ridge Apartments on East Main Street.

Wilson Clydesdale Wagon

Clydesdales pulling a red wagon at Westborough's 250th Anniversary Parade.

Whitney House Fire

People walking through downtown, with the fire-damaged Whitney House in the background. "Site of the Forbes Municipal Bldg."

Whitney House Fire

View of the fire-damaged Whitney House. "Site of the Forbes Municipal Bldg."

Whitney House Fire

People surveying the resulting damage from the Whitney House Fire.