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"The Hundredth Town"

Booklet for the tercentenary celebration of Westborough, with the program and names of committee members. Shelby Marshall brought this to the 2017 scanning day.

The Parkman Parsonage

A short pamphlet about the Parkman Parsonage at 11 High Street in Westborough. Karen Henderson, who lives in the Parsonage, brought it to the 2017 scanning day.

100th Anniversary, 1894-1994, John Boyle O'Reilly Council #85 Knights of Columbus booklet

This booklet highlights the leadership, membership, and the good works of the John Boyle O'Reilly Council No. 85 Knights of Columbus here in Westborough throughout its 100-year history. It is important as a way of remembering the benefits that theā€¦