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Box Shop Gang

Workers of the C. Whitney Co. (located near the railroad) standing outside the factory, with one holding a "penny-farthing" (high wheel) bicycle. The company manufactured wooden boxes for shipping, principally shoes. Everett Nichols (4th from right,…

American Saddle Factory

American Saddle Factory, with workers posing in front of the factory.

Bicentennial Float, Tufts Machine Co.

Bicentennial Float, Tufts Machine Co., with workers identified by name (J. K. Tufts, Jr., Willard Beaman, Oscar Russell, Norman Cody, Thomas Devin, William Ford, Albert Bates, William Prossen, James Devin, James Wilson, Roland Enman, Wesley Bayliss,…

J. R. Cooper Co.

J. R. Cooper Co., Inc., Leather Works, Westboro Mass. With workers posing for a picture in front of the factory. "Beach St.?" Gift of Mildred Cooper, 9 Myrtle Street.

Metal Bedsteads Mfg.

Metal Bedsteads Mfg. on Brigham Street.

D. W. Forbes Sleigh Factory

"The D. W. Forbes Sleigh Factory in 1886. The factory was built in 1858 and was the oldest and best known sleigh manufacturer in Westboro." Reed collection.

Bartlett Box

Bartlett box factory on Union Street.

Gould & Walker

Gould & Walker, on Milk St. Boots and shoes manufacturer.

Brooks & Wells

Brooks & Wells, boot shop on Brigham Street, before 1890.

C. Whitney & Co.

C. Whitney & Co., box maker and lumber factory "near railroad? (station or tracks on Milk St.).