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Westborough Public Library

View of the Westborough Public Library from across West Main Street with the Congregational Church behind it.

Hurricane, Baptist Church

The Baptist Church showing the open space where the steeple once stood, with a telephone pole and people congregating in the front.

Hurricane, Baptist Church

The Baptist Church with its fallen steeple covering the front yard.

Hurricane, Congregational Church

The front of the Congregational Church with its steeple missing.

1938 Hurricane, Baptist Church

Front view of the Baptist Church with workers clearing the fallen steeple. "The Tower when it feel completed blocked Main St. and fell through the iron fence into the cemetery. The area was roped off for an hour or more before it fell. It swayed and…

Unitarian Church

View of the Unitarian Church from across the street. Reed Collection.

Baptist Church and Town Hall

View of the Baptist church and Town Hall from across the street, with a little girl and hitching posts on the left of the photograph.

Methodist Church on Milk St.

View of Methodist Church with children standing in front along the street. "Built 1858, on Ice House Lot, now Grange Hall."

Methodist Church

"Methodist Church (now Masonic Hall), Church Street, originally a building called Advent Chapel used by Episcopalians at one time. Dedicated in 1900."

St. Luke's Church Interior

Interior of the Church of St. Luke the Evangelist as it looked prior to the 1960's renovations.