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Center of Town
View of the center of town, with Denham Bros. on the corner.

West Main Business Block
West Main Street, with signs for the Chronotype Office, Furniture Rooms, and Denham Brothers.

Whitney House
Picture of the Whitney House, with the business of Edward C. Lowe, Apothecary and an advertisement for Redding's Russia Salve.

Post Office Block in 1870
The Post Office block in 1870, with the businesses Brittan & Garfield, Burnap & Johnson, Post Office, William R. Gould, and Louis J. Elwell.

West Main Street
View of West Main Street with the Fountain in the foreground.

Town Center
View of the center of town at the corner of West Main and Milk Streets, with the School, the Charles Parkman Store and Library, and Kimball's Boot Factory.