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Quick's Farm

Aerial photograph of Quick's Farm in the summer of 1976.

Fitch Farm

Fitch Farm, burned in 1922. "Nancy Sandstrom."

East Main Street

View of East Main Street taken from the top of the C.S. Henry Block (Blois), looking down E. Main from the Rotary.

Center of Town

View looking over West Main St. with church spires.

Bay State (Avco), 1960's
Aerial view of the Bay State Abrasive Products Co.

Fountainhead Apartments
Aerial view of the Fountainhead Apartments in the Summer of 1976.

Aerial View of Bay State (Avco) (Dresser)
An aerial view of Westborough showing train tracks, factory buildings, and a football field that is now a parking lot.

View from Powder Hill
An aerial view of Powder Hill in Westborough.

Aerial View, Downtown Westborough
An aerial view of Westborough showing East and West Main Street, Milk Street, and South Street.