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Westborough: Illustrated, with Pen and Camera

A book of photographs and descriptions of major buildings and features in Westborough, Massachusetts published in 1886.

Rev. Ebenezer Parkman

Pen and ink sketch of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman of Westborough, MA "by a boy from memory. It is probably not a good likeness."

Breck Parkman

Portrait of Breck Parkman, son of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman of Westborough, MA.

The Dr. Hawes Place

The Doctor Hawes Place (otherwise known as the Plaster House) at 114 East Main Street, with a man standing in front of the fence. The houses was demolished and replaced around 2012.

Gale Tavern

Gale Tavern with chickens in the yard.

Stephen Maynard's House

Stephen Maynard's house on Milk St. It burned to the ground on December 10, 1891.

Royals Youth Hockey Program

Seasonal program for the Westboro Youth Hockey Program, 1977-1978. Donated by Jim Brown.

"Death of William Henry Sibley" Obituary

An obituary for William Henry Sibley from the "Westborough Chronotype."