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Westborough State Hospital Photo Album


Photo album that documents buildings and life at the Westborough State Hospital from 1923-1955.

Local History by Subject


Photocopies, newspaper clippings, documents, pamphlets, booklets, periodicals. A miscellaneous collection of information and primary sources relating…

Records of the Lyman School for Boys [State Reform School]


Books, hard drive. Ledger book and photographs detailing the lives of boys at the State Reform School in Westborough, Massachusetts from 1856-1947,…

The 250th Anniversary Committee Records


Administrative records, newspaper clippings, 3 record albums, cassette tapes, chrome movie film, photographs, and tems relating to the Anniversary…

Westborough Map Collection


The earliest maps in the collection are copies of originals. Most of the original maps are from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and can be used…

Architectural Drawings Collection


Architectural drawings for buildings in Westborough.

Digitized History Collection


A digital "vertical file" of miscellaneous images relating to Westborough history.

"Westborough: Your Town - Your History" Scanning Day, 2017


The collection contains images gathered during the "Westborough: Your Town - Your History" Scanning Day held on February 4, 2017. The Westborough…

Historical Photographs of Westborough


A miscellaneous collection of historical photographs held by the Westborough Public Library.

Records of the Westborough Rifle Company, 1861-1870 (Highlights)

The collection includes meeting minutes, personnel records, financial accounts, bills and receipts, and payroll records, as well as a letter by Capt.…